App not opening in primary monitor

Only recently, Brave browser new windows, now opens in the secondary monitor, vs the primary. All other apps still open in the primary monitor.

Dragging windows back to the primary monitor is are flow killer :frowning:

Has anyone else seen this? Do you know the fix?

Was this meant to be “now open in the secondary monitor” ?

Yes… fixed.

Usually if you close the brave browser windows and make sure the last window you close is on the monitor you want it should address it.

Are you using any gnome extensions that affect screens? (dash to panel, etc.)

I’m not using any extensions that would impact this. I think its a Brave browser issue though. Others seem to be having the same problem.

Is it brave specifically or chromium as brave is built on top that?

Chromium opens in the main monitor. Seems only to be Brave.

I never open a new window instead of a tab, but I do know that Brave opens on the monitor I last closed it on when using X11 or Wayland.

Have you tried maybe switching between whichever one you are using? I haven’t used PureOS in a while, but that might help for a number of reasons too lengthy to explain here.