App search phosh improvement ideas

Environment: phosh/phoc 0.28, L5.


  1. searching for message does not show anything

What it should be doing is show chatty

  1. search cannot easily be exited, or cancelled

What it should be doing is allow swipe from bottom to exit. Or allow search to be cancelled, maybe with an x?

  1. there is no way to collapse or close keyboard when expanded in search, where scrolling through search results is limited due to expanded keyboard

What it should be doing is collapse keyboard on scroll input. In scenario 3 above i am actively scrolling through results.

  1. when searching sjjdjskskmndjdkskkjdj and deleting the search string by selecting and holding the backspace/delete button there is no visual indication or feedback of characters deleted they are just gone all of a sudden.

What it should be doing is showing the deletion of every character in the search string, maybe delay or make asynchronous the search return results of apps, so they lazily load results as they are retieved instead of showing results with each character change, which slows down the process.