[APP] Terminal-Favorites


I created a small app to use my favorite terminal commands directly from a GUI.

It’s designed to be used for the Librem5 (or other Linux Smartphones with GTK). But it can also be used on normal screens.
Some examples are available for download but you can directly save all your personal favorites.

  • Librem5 Scaling [requires “apt install wlr-randr”]
  • SSH [requires “apt install ssh”]
  • Take screenshot (in 5 sec) [requires “apt install grim”]
  • WlanScan [requires “apt install network-manager”]

Examples are mostly take from this forum (Thx to uzanto) and librem5-goodies. (Thx to puri.sm)



Looks useful. I wounder if a ‘favorites’ function could be a future feature of terminals.

Also I think that single commands could probably used in a .desktop file and then be used from phosh.

Sure, creating desktop files would probably also solve this. I like the option to bundle commands in folders (Like the Scaling).
May be this would be also possible with desktop files?

And I also like that I don’t have a cluster of icons in my app list. That probably depends on the personal preference of each user.

I think over the time mostly things like SSH connections or custom usecases will be left for me.
Other things will probably covered by better GUIs.

But until then it will make using my Librem5 for me easier.

Side info:
The single commands are just stored in individual files. So there is also always the option to edit them via an text editor and change them to more complex scripts.

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This is what the Librem 5 is all about (for me).

The ecosystem of bespoke utilities and applications will hopefully be dense, weird and wonderful. I can’t wait to get mine so I can just start using it and making apps like this to suit my needs as the needs arise.

Thanks for sharing your work :blush:

Edit: GNU GPL3 no less…


I find myself making frequent use of the up arrow in terminal, so as to avoid having to type things over and over.


or aliases if you can come up with effective memorization techniques for 3 letter agencies aliases :wink:

Also there is command history. Without a HW keyboard I think what the OP may be still more convenient for parameterless commands are you need from time to time.

It would be cool to be able to add these commands individually to the Status Line! And maybe we could create a debian package with all these little small functions that could go there. Then each user should be able to add only the functions that they need. Putting this in the Status Line will also make it easier to access it.

Or if it only is related to terminal commands, then maybe they could be added as a keyboard layout?

Sounds like a lot of ideas for apps.
I think my needs are better covered with the current implementation.

Most commands I use this way give just a short return message or could use the new window.

Also I don’t think I could modify the status bar of my Librem5 easily (with my development skills).
Would also not fit my needs, for multiple SSH connections.

Same for the keyboard Layout.

Ok, I’ll post it as a new thread then, because I think the idea is interesting.


‘favorites’ function in terminals? Let’s call it ALIASes …

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Somehow it feels like you sending a subtitles message to me which I don’t get. :thinking:

There are already aliases on shell, where you can type a shorter command instead of a longer or more complicated one. I don’t use it because I want to stay familiar with the commands by regular repetition. Though I have some scripts that could be candidates for this.

Anyway I would have to type the aliases in by keyboard (virtual or physical). On a small touch device this is inconvenient. There I would like to choose commands out of an existing list of commands, by fingertip or mouse, instead of typing. That would be convenient and useful for normal desktop usage, too.

I did not see such a function in the terminals I use. Did I miss something?

Such a function could reuse the the bash / shell alias command as it lists all defined aliases when called without parameters.

not implemented yet … but it would be cool to be able to see a pop-up ‘drawer’ on the mobile (L5) each time i open the terminal and touch the empty space with my finger > asks > “please draw with your finger the alias command you are trying to type” and it would translate it and paste it into the active command line. it would be faster with voice but for short aliases it could work nicely (not so much for longer commands though)

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