Appimage Launcher

Base on the above Screenshot, what is the correct Appimage Launcher to install on PureOS?

Thank you in Advance :slight_smile:

bionic_arm64.deb is probably your best bet.

Thank you db579 :slight_smile:

Depends whether you are asking about PureOS on the Librem 5 (phone) or PureOS on anything else.

The answer given may be correct for the phone, incorrect for anything else.

Ah yes sorry - reading so many Librem 5 threads I just assumed that’s what it was. On a Librem 13/14/15/Mini you’d want the x86_64.deb

Thank you again db579,

but the question is, which x86_64?

as I only see two x86_64:

x86_64.rpm & x86_64.AppImage

I do not see the one with the x86_64.deb

Again db579, thank you for help :slight_smile:

RPM is used by Fedora, CentOS etc instead of Apt as their package manager so not that. The x86_64.AppImage looks like it’s a different thing (lite rather than 2.2?) if that’s fine then that should run but if not your best off trying the xenial_amd64.deb - most likely been built for Ubuntu but there’s a reasonable chance it’ll run on PureOS directly too.

Dear @db579 & @irvinewade

Just to let you know, with my Librem 14, I have tried xenial_amd64.deb , Librem 14 did not like it, due to unmet dependencies.

So tried out the bionic_arm64.deb, the one that normally recommend for Librem 5 and it works fine on the Librem 14. I have just used it to download the LibreWolf Browser and now using LibreWolf browser as I type :slight_smile: