Apples and Googles data nightmares

Not sure if it’s true or fake, but it seems like Apple does not delete photos from iCloud, but instead hiding it from its users. An iOS update (17.5) showed up to 14 years old photos as “new” to the owners.

And Google comes with client side scanning for common calls. They want to warn the user for phone call scamming and therefor compromise the privacy via AI analysis.

I would say that I’m so happy to be away from Android and iOS, but at least the phone calls is a thing that also affects us. I mean who of you would never call to someone using an Android phone? We all have family and/or friends who don’t care enough about privacy.



And how would you even know that the other party is using Android?

Is this even legal? (where by definition the answer could differ radically from country to country)


At least in EU it should be illegal without consent of all calling members. But that does not stop companies from trying.


And this is just one of the many reasons why I do not use phone service at all.