Apple's New Privacy Labels

Interesting exposé:


“Both Whatsapp and Signal offer encrypted messaging, which scramble your messages so only the recipient can decipher them.” Yeah, right.

A missed opportunity to teach ordinary people how encryption work in that case.

But your right, its an interesting article nonetheless. Thank you for sharing.

Like warning labels on tobacco/cigarettes with photos of users suffering variety health conditions. But users tend to ingore the warnings anyway. Due to decline in human intelligence among world’s population today, any apps and devices that do not respect privacy ought to have warning labels with photos in similar concept to dogs sniffing each others’ butts, even other species’, something like this,

Of course no offense to dogs, understandable it’s in their nature and that they’re animals. It’s how they collect data. Dogs do have special ability to detect about any diseases you may carry or what you ate in past few days. Even can detect about any metallic elements within range. With their extraordinary sense of smell, don’t you wonder why they have to sniff up butts so closely?

Of course, that’s should be the question for practicing in psychoanalysis on exploiters who are engaging for users’ data and to see why their users are so ingorance, whether they lack understanding or they just don’t care. Humans lacking special abilities with exploitation of using tools behaving like dogs is so degrading. Isn’t that what devolution of humanity have come to now?

Before technology, people have to use their brains for solving problems, even simple math without using calculator. Now we have technology, even AI, to do just about all of our thinkings. So with photos, maybe in shortly future, smell, taste, touch, and hear, as all 5 senses that come with warning labels to get through population’s thick heads, people could finally say, “Oh, I see now.”

instead of doing M.A.G.A.F.T. free publicity we should simply stop RELYING on a day-to-day basis on their “services” and simply learn to be independent … as in, one day, using only PUBLICLY adequate hardware and software that relies on LIBRE-software on all layers …

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