I travel a lot and on several occaisions, I’ve had to use laptops with marginal or broken touchpads. When this has happened, I would have loved to have been able to use my smartphone as the mouse or touchpad. Such apps exist on android phones; but this requires not only the app running on the phone; but also a server running on the PC and then again, only for Windows, not any linux OS. Also, it’s really best to have this organized in advance of a touchpad failure, as trying to do this post touchpad failure is nearly impossible.

What would be really cool, is to have this feature or application already built in to both the librem phones and laptops, as the laptops will have to run the server portion.

Or, the application on the phone could make the phone present itself as a standard USB or Bluetooth mouse. Then you wouldn’t have to install any software on the laptop to make it work.