Approach to trusting hardware manufacturers?

Hi, I recently got a kvm switch to help me with multiple computers. My monitor is nice and handles multiple inputs, I just needed the K_M portion of the switch. But, given all of our discussions around privacy and security, I started thinking about how much i should trust a kvm switch that I am pretty sure was manufactured in China.

I did a lot of research to find one that had the features I wanted. But, that led me to a small unrecognized brand called AVSTAR? sold by an AVFABUL? I bought it and it has worked great, but a couple of weird things have happened of late, and it’s got me wondering if I should return it?

So, to the community:

  1. We follow purism and Librems for hardware security. But, how do you approach privacy, security, trust with other components in your ecosystem?
  2. Have you heard of Avstar or avfabul? do you trust them?
  3. Is there any resource on hardware vendors and their trust level? I see lots of things like Web Of Trust, encryption keys, and other ways of establishing confidence or rating software companies and apps, and websites, etc. Is there anything similar for hardware?

Thanks in advance!