Approaches to Restructuring One's Digital Life

False. Please go to the app’s website for more information.

I think I found it. Interestingly, when I did a search, the first result that returned in duckduckgo was a facebook messenger :scream: hence my question.

Yes. You have conversations on the Facebook messenger.

I suggest to try Can’t recommend it enough.

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I’ve heard of it and plan to one day.

it can be but that’s why HE said to never insist more than what you feel is sensible … conserve resources and invest where they are needed most while maintaining security/privacy as best you can … rest is NOT up to YOU …

My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question. It doesn’t seem off-topic:

I’m fairly new to Purism (purchased my Librem 5 on Jan 25, 2021). Just wondering if any “Purists” would be interested in starting an email provider service?

After searching for a service that would meet my own feature and security needs, I tried Proton and StartMail. Neither of them allowed me to manage my own email domains like I wanted.

I decided to build my own using Mailcow. It has far more features than I need for hosting a few email domains for myself, friends and family with a few email addresses and aliases each. Mailcow is really geared toward providing email service on a larger scale.

To finally kick my Gmail account to the curb, my setup costs $25/month (well worth the price for peace of mind). Of course costs would go up with the need to scale to more than a few dozen users.

Even with the current state of known “security-conscious” email providers it seems like there is still a lack of flexibility and good support.

Anyway, just thought I’d throw the idea out here to see if anyone would be interested.


Like Librem One?

I was thinking more of an email-only focus, and building out vertical features around that.

perhaps it would be useful to you if you read this article

it goes over the primary factors business and growth has to deal with … some points about SPAM filters and certain security/privacy practices still apply for family/small-business.

notice they used the words ‘stay secure’ NOT ‘be secure’ … that means you not only need to BE secure (NOW) but also REMAIN secure and depending on the level of existing knowledge and how used you are to digital threats, that could turn out to be something … NOT-convenient :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for the link. Proton is a good company, they just didn’t have the features I needed. I’m fairly familiar with running an email server, although not as a commercial enterprise. :wink: Starting with a generic Postfix server about 15 years ago and Dovecot, I setup and managed it for my first company. But this Mailcow makes things much, much easier. It even comes with anti-virus scanning options and fail2ban as well.

It is not necessarily a trivial exercise to maintain security for any online service and email is certainly no exception. I’ve been doing software development for the past 30 years and have had to think about cyber security threats, and privacy concerns regularly for at least half of that time as part of my job.

I hope I’m up for the challenge, just wondered if anyone would be interested in joining me to start an email service with a privacy and security focus.

@eNZymOrTHe - Thanks for starting this topic. I have found your list very useful and informative. What service do you use for domain names, if I may ask?

I have used dreamhost.

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One that actually works! Been trying since 4/30 to get past the following registration error:
Your registration is pending, please wait two minutes before refreshing this page.