Approvals for tracker sign up?

So I tried using the PureOS Live 8.0 BETA installer and it failed to boot with a kernel panic. I want to report a bug and the tracker asked me to create a new account (why two separate accounts for tracker and forum?)

The 12h june installer failed for me with a kernel panic at boot. The 6th june image worked fine.

Why add a roadblock for new users who want to test your ISO and report bugs and why is approval taking so long? please re-consider. This does not encourage contribution in true FLOSS spirit

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Hi Ravi.

Security concerns, and, these are two different systems, I am not even sure there’s way to join their logins.

I haven’t got email notification about your approval, perhaps some minor glitch in the email setup, we’ll have this checked. You can log in now.

Thank you mladen! Appreciate the fast response. My kernel panic looks like this bug here -

Yes i have an nvidia card on the desktop along with a AMD FX 8350 8 core CPU

Are you trying to run PureOS on your desktop computer with nVidia graphics card? This won’t work, PureOS does not include proprietary drivers.

Yes. but it does come with nouveau, which works fine enough. i don’t care about accelerated graphics. Anyway, i opened a tracker on the 12th June ISO. On the same HW, the 6th June ISO worked well enough

Hi… I am curious if you ever did you ever get this to work adequately? the best I get for the time being is 1024x768 out of my 4k monitor on a nvidia GTX 960

I know this thread is a bit old, but I have a similar problem with account approvals.

I signed up yesterday (same handle), since I have a quick question/possible wiki page to add for mirrors and the use of debmirror. My account was created, pending approval, then was disabled a few hours later. Not sure how these accounts are vetted, but it’s also pretty hard to find contact details to reach out ask why the account was disabled.

Can anybody assist with new and disabled accounts?

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so do i :wink: