Apps you want on the L5

It looks like I was wrong. There are some promising voice recognition projects:

However, many of them only work in English or Chinese at this point.


I saw in one of purism or the dev board holders video quake II running .

Anyone know if that was native or on wine and where will we be able to get quake II from when the L5 drops ?

This needs to go to -> request (wine and or quake)!

Desired Apps not on list at time of writing:

  • RSS Feed Reader (e.g. Google Reader, Feedly, Flym)
  • Budget App (would super nice if Money Manager Ex ported, or at least something existed that interop’d with it)
  • OpenStreetMap fill out missing data in the field app (Street Complete porting would be a god send, Vespucci port would be nice too, but is not quite as streamlined)
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The quake2 package in Debian Buster says that it runs on all architectures, so I’m guessing that there is some kind of emulation going on. However there is this project for Quake 2 on ARM:

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Anything decent for taking notes and easy access - search for them.
On Android, so far my favorite app is
“Colornote Notepad Notes”.


Password manager. I would like an app for storing passwords. I currently use Enpass. I love it for a couple reasons. First they don’t have central storage of your master file. You have some choices on where that might reside, and second, it’s widely supported and available on Windows, iOS, Android and Linux. It has worked flawlessly


For what it’s worth both GNOME (Password Safe which is compatible w/ KeePass) and KDE (KDE Wallet which can import KeePass) have native manager solutions.


I’d like to see Anki flaschards running on L5.


Pokemon Go (obviously)

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It is included in Gnome Calculator if you switch to Advanced Mode.


While I suspect this is a joke, I will go ahead and answer in case it’s not. Pokemon Go won’t happen on the Librem 5 anytime soon. Niantic won’t release a Linux build (ever) and I think it will take some time before the options for running Android software are mature enough to run Pokemon Go. Maybe Anbox will get there eventually, but I don’t think anything is close


Hi; thank you for your offer !

What about Proton Mail ?
Does anybody use this mail provider ? It needs its own app due to E2E encryption. Correct me, if I’m wrong but it’s not compliant with K9-Mail client, so same result with the LibremOne “packaging”

Here’s my christmas whishlist :

  • GPS with real time traffic
  • parking payment apps (PayByPhone, OPnGO etc )
  • a weather app with source in EU
  • a voice recorder
  • Shazam or SoundHound
  • a firewall to block flows and check data usage on the network

and sure i’m gonna get kicked out

  • Xiaomi Home (for my vacuum cleaner :weary: )

I have a ProtonMail account. It works with web browsers. So you should be able to use it with the Librem 5.


Does ProtonMail have a progressive web app?

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Yes they do. I looked at it. It’s not bad. Though I haven’t used it much since they have native apps as well.


“gotta’ cach 'em all !” - so catchy ain’ it ?

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Software I use on my Windows Phone I would like to see on the L5 (in no particular order):

  • some sort of messaging app,
  • a speed trap app,
  • a parking app
  • an office suite (including a text editor and a spread sheet program of course),
  • an rss feed reader,
  • Soundhound
  • a rain radar,
  • TuneIn,
  • a compass app,
  • a pdf reader,
  • an e-book reader,
  • a file explorer,
  • inventive apps to create music,
  • a Linada-like app to access files in the local network,
  • a decibel meter,
  • a bar and qr code scanner,
  • an alarm clock/timer/stop watch app,
    etcetéa, etcetera

And of course I hope I can reach my bank, Youtube, Netflix, my cable providers tv-on-the-go site, my favourite radio stations, and all the other services for which there will not be an app through a great state of the art browser.

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  • Signal
  • MySudo


  • Protonmail client
  • Spotify
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What about 911 text app?