Ask me any app - I will show it


I uploaded another batch to which I found packages. If I couldn’t find the packages via apt get or flatpak (in case noted here) I did not try it. Some apps didn’t match good to the screen. Also it seems that for some videos I didn’t manage to get the screen recorder recording the right resolution - sorry for that. The telegram doesn’t show a lot as I neither have telegram nor wanted to give them my phone number - sorry! For nextcloud I skipped the part where you could see my server credentials.


Firefox is working it even boot faster than my pc lol, the issue seems about the windows to be adapted on the screen, i hope someone will work on it


You’re a good person.
thanks for making my morning happy…:slight_smile:


Posting it here as well:

Pure Maps on L5 (QEMU) should be started with “-platform wayland” option, that will start it in full window and all will be visible. The video clearly suffers from Pure Maps window being shifted and wider than screen. Note that there is a version distributed via Flathub that can be tested on PCs


We should be able to change themes, right? Personally, I’m not a big fan of Caja using the Gnome icon theme.


Thank you for doing this!
I’d like to see if CHIRP (amateur radio programming software) runs. Information below:

And if you have time, xastir:

Thanks again!


That’s a good question, should be interesting to know if theme can be changed, the default theme on librem is awfull


As such, on the desktop, it supports themes. I would expect the same on L5.


Thank you! I uploaded a new video with the stated option - that makes the app perfectly matching the screen and really promesing! I think we have found our navigation app :smiley:


Cool to see CHIRP working!


Yeah!! I have no reason to believe the USB port won’t work for programming - excited to see how it works in the flesh.

Apps you want on the L5

will love to see if boinc is working also steam (csgo and other games) just for fun


Not sure if you have tried, but can you try to run the Exodus wallet?


It’s just that I have the notion that the features of that password safe doesn’t satisfy my needs. Which APT package is it? Is it “passwordsafe”? Which seems to be

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


It’s not from qemu, but it’s related from Guadec:


in the Librem5 image (qemu) i dont see an application for mail :roll_eyes:

what application should I use? Thunderbird


Let’s wait and see what is available at release. Time will tell.


You are right, Signal desktop currently only supports amd64, but not armhf/arm64 ( or i386 (, but it still should work in the mentioned qemu environment, if the system has been compiled for amd64.


Thank you for doing this. What about Brave browser, Bitwarden password manager and Authy passcode generator?


It’s nice to see some apps running on future OS that will be shipped on librem 5. What about showing us anki? Thanks!