Apps you want on the L5


Facebook App Aquisition scene

Years ago they lost a court battle because they were using peoples pictures to sell products to strangers without their knowledge. In court it was discovered that license agreement Facebook had it’s users agree to didn’t allow them to do that. They found out that Instagram users had a different license agreement where they could do that, so they bought Instagram. Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges! :rofl:

At one point they decided at the corporate office that it would improve interactions of users if they changed the privacy settings. They made private groups into public groups. Suddenly, everybody found out I had quietly became an Atheist so as to not bother anybody in their personal faith. After that my wife left, and my workplace became a extremely hostile environment. Years later, my wife changed her mind and came back, but I have never recovered economically or socially from that Facebook whim.

Any company run by a sociopath will do to its customers/clients what a sociopath would to them individually.


Stallman’s page about Facebook is particularly comprehensive. He seems to have added quite a bit more information since I last read it.

However, I think we are getting off topic here.


Indeed. The original point that I wanted to make is that while Whatsapp and anything connected to Facebook is evil, a phone which has proper inter-application privacy settings with fine-grained control from the very start could have made it less harmful to those connected to the phone user.

This goes back to some earlier discussions on this forum (I forget exactly which) about a very similar thing - that some people make heavy use Whatsapp and other such. While the rest of us are not happy about that situation, it’s going to be very hard to get the other people off it unless they have somewhere else to go. A phone which contains both the nasty and the nice could serve as a “gateway drug” to weaning people off Whatsapp and into something else which doesn’t try to harvest everything from them.

Doing that is a lot safer for the rest of us if the contact list interface APIs on the phone can, from the very start, restrict or allow each name in the contact list individually for each program which wants to access it. That way, if an associate of yours with a Librem 5 needs to use Whatsapp, you can tell them “please don’t feed me to Facebook”. They still get their existing contact software, you don’t get thrown into the maw of the beast.

(this of course ignores dialogue box fatigue, where people just get fed up and click “yes to all” after a certain point)


I think Purism has talked about using Flatpak, which has a permissions system. Of course it will still be possible to install non-Flatpak apps, which would not be controlled in the same way, but that would be the user’s choice.


training an Ai that will individually do that for me based on “knowing” my preferences. each time my preferences change “it” goes back into the hyperbolic time-chmaber and retrained :wink:


For me, a general email app supporting IMAP would be important.


For me personally (and i think in general at this stage) the crucial thing is to create robust SDK with a good widget library (hinthint: sailfish sdk) so that people can start filling the gaps and forming app comunity as well as vendors won’t have too much time to ponder - how the hell an app should be put into runtime and gui frameworks.
There’s enough good applications and app libraries on linux platform, they just need to be wrapped into appropriate gui widgets (anyone still remembers winCE and the hell of working with windows apps on small screens?)


What I mainly want it’s solid and well maintained web browser, possibly Firefox: it’s one of the main reason because I abandoned Sailfish OS. But I miss its gesture based UI soooo much!!!


Thanks for the answer.


NordVPN. I want my WiFi data encrypted and routed through this.


Surely there’s a way to use openvpn with this? I can’t imagine openvpn won’t be integrated into the network manager, much less work.


Hi, I would like to have:

  • Firefox
  • Bluemail (?) or Thunderbird
  • Signal
  • Epson iProjection
  • Wifi Analyzer
  • Screen Mirroring Assistant
  • here Maps or similar
  • “accident reporting service”-App from my car insurance (via bluetooth)

I find interesting, too: to have a second mobile number without a further SIM-card (27.9.19)


Maybe also to @Tom_S
I put my routers OpenVPN info into the Librem Tunnel app (Basic Bundle) on an Android and it worked. Would that also mean NordVPN works?


That’s really up to NordVPN, but a big VPN service like that doesn’t really have an excuse not to.


And there you have it:


Not so much an app but a feature maybe but Do Not Disturb is important to me. Ideally configured by a schedule.


Yes. I do use this a lot. One of Googles last hooks into me that I’m trying to pull out. If I add an event to a specific Nextcloud calendar, my Android device automagically goes into do not disturb for the duration of the meeting on the calendar. That’s pretty clutch for not being embarrassed by all the fun ringtones I have on my mobile; Borat “My Wife, My Wife, My Wife” when my wife texts, and so on.

It seems like an OS enhancement that could be done at any time or even upstream by the one Purism forked off of.


I would like to see screen mirroring function, too, ideally compatible to Miracast. We talked about Miracast on Linux some time ago in another thread somewhere in the forum.


a obd2 reader to look up car problems (with gui) have try some of the open source tools and dont like working with terminal and the car together, like it safe


@kpdenmark I have an obd2 reader library that might be of use to you. I use it with a raspberry pi zero, with an oled display, but I developed it from a laptop, so hooking a different frontend to it (like the L5) would be pretty simple.

It uses a simple ring-menu to drive the whole thing, which lets it work on the 128x64 oled + 3 buttons.