Apps you want on the L5


Yes! What is is called? Where can one check it out?


I’ll have to see about publishing it, probably be tomorrow, since I’ll want to do a code review on it first. I’ll post a link. I can also post a parts list for the portable reader (+ the ojscad for its case).


you are a god, thank you


I’m almost satisfied with my fitness level, but what do the clients of my FitBit Charge 3 data think, and what do the clients of the same data at Planet Fitness, with the possibility of additional machine data think? I’m not naive enough to believe my $10/month is paying for >20 visits a month.

I’d very much appreciate it if someone would write an app that I could use exclusively to interpret and archive the Bluetooth data sent by my FitBit, and short circuit this data from those with prurient interest in it.


there’s galileo app for syncing the data from fitbit wearable to the server


That all lower case makes it hard to know if @lperkins2 is an all-being master of time, space, and dimension, or just some average working super-hero demi-god.


It seems that a do not disturb switch is going to be implemented at the bottom of the notifications area (second screenshot).

Our latest designs include a switch for do not disturb mode, for example.


Alright, I’ve got it available.
If you want to run it on a raspberry pi, I can help get that configured.
If you want to print your own case for that, the case jscad file is on the same server, rpi3.js.
If you want it preinstalled, soldered together, with a case, and mailed to you, I can do that too (just have to cover the cost of materials).

For getting it to work on the L5, I put a decent curses interface on the library, so if you like TUIs that should work (that’s my plan). Otherwise, a GTK frontend should be pretty easy.

Note that the server will be down for maintenance for a while tomorrow.


Whatsapp support is the main thing keeping me from being able to use this phone as a daily driver, and thus from a purchase.


FWIW, whatsapp has a web interface. Requires an android/ phone to set it up, but once that’s done, it would probably work on the librem via the web version. Obviously should wait for someone to test that before buying a phone if it’s that important to you.


Mobile oriented SDR software.


The web interface displays what the android phone is seeing. If you take the phone away, it stops working . If the android phone loses internet connection, it stops working.
I can see anbox works, hopefully we can get whatsapp working sandboxed in it.


Xamarin? Isn’t a .NET developer platform? I REALLY hope that Purism will not support such a nasty thing, that could be really a betrayal of their mission!


I really need the BankID app on the librem 5 else I cannot ever fully switch over from Android :frowning:


Out of curiosity, what does someone do if they don’t have an Android phone (or an Apple phone, assuming that the same software exists on both)? I remember reading about this phone software earlier on the forums, but I’m not completely sure what it does.


I think most banks over a ChipTAN / Sm@rt-TAN / CardTAN if you have no compatible device for their software.

I already use this.


Nothing really. Been in this situation. One of the client’s accesses required MFA one of which was RSA token. New company policy was to decom hw tokens and move fully on sw. However even SW were only for mobile phones (license restriction or something). So when I told I cannot install their sw token on my sailfish they offered me to purchase me cheap android feature phone as substitute for token :rofl: When I refused saying i’m not going to carry two phones - they shrugged and said well, no access then.


@TungstenFilament Well I don’t know what you would do without an Android phone. But the app lets you confirm bank transactions, login to your bank and buying stuff online. It’s like a card but on your phone that you can use to unlock and buy stuff with with a pin password.

Without it we here in Sweden cannot do much. It is essential for banking stuff.

When buying or logging in to your bank on pc or phone it asks you to open your BankID app and then it will automatically load and asks you to type in your PIN for (bank name). Then you just quit the app and it logs you in/confirm purchase

It does not contain any trackers but it does ask for your phone identity so it knows that’s you. But that’s obvious.

I thought you knew this as you have Tungsten in your name… which is Swedish.


Ouch. I know that I’ve seen bits of this before, but seeing someone explicitly list out the things which it’s required for is still pretty shocking for me.

And no, I’m not Swedish. I’ve not chopped anywhere near enough onions to be classed as such. My name is a reference to old lightbulbs (which emit light from an incandescent filament made of tungsten) and to electron microscopes (for which the first invented and cheapest electron source is a heated filament with a hairpin bend… again made of tungsten).


Just FYI. Starting from Sept 16 (iirc) all EU banks must support common API (PSD2) so I’m planning to implement MB client for my bank myself. that being said it shouldn’t be too problematic to port other clients as long as they support common API. the only propitiatory (or rather bank-specific) thing will be authentication and custom features.