Apps you want on the L5


Does Foobar2000 have advantages over VLC?


yes, it doesn’t play as many formats as VLC :wink:


It is my understanding that everything that is compiled to run in Linux using an ARM core, is already on the Librem 5. So perhaps it is a bit like running an app through a small hole. It still runs. I rooted an Android phone and put Linux Deploy and then Debian on it. From there, I had access to all of the Linux apps, including Wine and a few Windows programs… on my Android phone. It works and the GUI is a bit unwieldy. But with a few swipes and resizes, it works just fine. The only difference on the Librem 5 is that you won’t be trapped inside of a small chroot environment, that lacks access to your USB port and some other peripherals. You’ll be root and free.


For me the bit-perfect kernel streaming support has been the most important feature to keep Foobar2000 as #1 music playback software


Yes, Swedish only: “The name Tungsten came from the other important tungsten ore, which is now called scheelite. In 1750, this heavy mineral was discovered in the Bispberg´s iron mine in the Swedish province Dalecarlia. The first person who mentioned the mineral was Axel Frederik Cronstedt in 1757, who called it Tungsten {composed of the two Swedish words tung (heavy) and sten (stone)} due to its density close to 6.” As Sweden has the best known ore for the fine grained high purity carbon steel, tungsten was as well introduced in the Japan history/tradition as part of the blue steel (Aogami). P.S. @TungstenFilament, coincidentally Nikola Tesla was born in Europe too.


Are there pre-ARM-compiled programms? How to know which? And can other programms made to run on the L5 by simply recompile them for / on ARM?


Yes, iMX8 uses same core arch as Raspberry PI3 (Cortex-A53) so there are pre-compiled binaries and cross-compilers which you can use to compile yourself.


Looks like SuperTuxKart was just ported:

I’m still working on anbox.


I would like to have:




and the app for my local metro schedule.

Those are the essential ones. Is there some way to install Android apps in a shell ?


Not at Day 1.


Would be cool to have snapcraft…


About your Anbox video:!$


interesting to only list a bunch of Google Play Apps like if f-droid don’t exist

You might have an interest in this article


I would like to have a program for controlling surveillance cameras from Librem 5. It is easy to look att the video using VLC but controlling a PTZ camera from Linux is difficult. There are however several Android apps which can control a PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom) so it should not be too difficult to move some to Librem 5.

Surveillance is a useful application for a smart phone but a lot of the IP cameras has rotten security and privacy themselves. It is not only a question of checking if crooks are moving in your home but also to have a look at technical equipment. I think it is very useful to get both picture and audio to see if everuthing is OK.


As a user of Sailfish OS I guess I’m lucky in that my reliance in android apps is minimal. What I’s like to have (eventually) on my Librem5:

  • Offline map viewer based on OSM (The Pure Maps developer is already active on this forum)
  • Telegram client
  • Mastodon client
  • ProtonMail app
  • Stocks/cryptocurrencies monitor
  • Weather app
  • Train times (for UK and Belgian railways)
  • .pkpass viewer (for eTickets)
  • Music player
  • Video player
  • Podcast client
  • FBReader
  • Audio and call recorder
  • QR code reader

The combination of the above can easily make my Librem5 my daily driver. I can live with having anything android-related on my aging Nexus5 tablet running LineageOS. Alas I have 0 coding skills and cannot contribute to the development of any of the above :anguished:


Well it took good 6 years fir SFOS to come to this point. I remember when i first received my JP1 back in 2013 it had only browser, mail, calendar and navi (here). So first thing I did was to create own rss reader which I’ve used quite heavily those days.
Fortunately all that codebase (of SFOS apps) is still here so it’s just about reskinning them (esp applicable to plasma which is qt based).


I have used several Android phones but not so many apps. In fact I need only browser and calendar in addition to phone and SMS. And a banking app is very much needed also for identification outside the bank. Navigation apps I use seldom but I have a DS note which connects me to our local Synology.

As I wrote it would be nice to have surveillance programs because I need to check the status of our fiber network. It is possible to get alarms by SMS and I can follow temperature, moisture and voltage using a browser. But IP camera is (also with Android) still missing. Of course I could use the apps that the camera manufacturer offers but I am certainly not going to use their servers for security and privacy reasons.


Just because I haven’t seen it mentioned yet:

  • Authenticator app to generate One-Time Passwords for those services that allow a third-party generator.

Others have already been mentioned, but I want to underline:

  • VPN / OpenVPN interface to manage arbitrary VPN providers
  • QR Code reader
  • Password manager (ideally compatible with KeePass formats)
  • A web browser with ad-blocking and script-blocking


I must say that I am a bit confused about this thread “Apps you want on the L5”. I usually install whatever programs I want myself on my Debian systems. Of course I understand that there are limitations for L5 because the screen is smaller and also you must save battery. But how hard is it to adjust a normal Debian program for L5 ? I suppose the Purism crew has already adapted quite a lot of Lib packages for L5.


CLI programs will likely ‘just work’, GUI packages may be wonky. Most of the requests here are for android equivalents, which often don’t exist on debian.