Apps you want on the L5


BankID is not the only verifier app. There is for example also Freja ID which is much more developed than BankID. However, the point is that you need a verifier which is common for all banks in EU (not only the big Swedish banks). There is some movement in that direction but it is quite slow.
EU should take a few more steps in that direction - especially allowing (requiering) platform independent verification.


I thought 3DSecure is a standard (SMS verification) in EU tbh, never used anything else so far.


I am afraid that SMS verification is on its way out. It is considered too insecure.


Even Android is OPEN SOURCE then, why don’t you stick with it? You can find extremely advanced smartphone for a quarter of the price, with super cameras, extremely slim, and if you put LineageOS on them you have a fantastic open source phone, so why choose the slow, inefficient elephant that is Librem 5? It’s the same concept, pretty much, a closed development with released source code, and everyone is happy. Sorry but personally I don’t want to feed the monster. I am for the Free Software, Free as in Freedom, and finally Purism deliver it to us. Relying on a proprietary platform as .NET for it’s ecosystem would be, in my opinion, extremely silly.


This is wonderful news! So you’re saying they should support that already now?


Well, yes, they must according to PSD2, Directive (EU) 2015/2366 - final provision (Strong Customer Authentication) should have come into force on 14 Sept 2019.
Both banks I use implemented it during summer and now support it.


There’s free software to make use of the previous version. Unfortunately it pretty much stopped working this month due to PSD2:

PSD2 seems more complicated than I expected it to be.


I’d like support for Anbox or some way to run Android apps.
Some games I really want ported are Minetest and SuperTuxKart.
Some apps are:
Riot (although I believe we already have Fractal)


Only in the sense that UDP is insecure. However UDP is just a packet transport. If you send enough UDP packets then you can get security, and if you send enough SMS messages then it can be secure. :smile:


Minetest just needs Wayland support and a way to enable on-screen controls on the normal Linux version. Convergence would be so simple! (at least relatively)

Speaking of which, it would be cool to have Minecraft run on ARM too. IIRC, when I tried to run it on my Android phone there were some libraries it needed which it automatically downloaded in x86 form, so there would need to be a way to force it to load ARM libraries instead.


How about opinions on that Plex system? I just saw it after putting Ubuntu 19 on an old machine. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it looks like something useful.


Plex is meant to be a home media server, which nominally makes it easy to browse your catalog of movies/TV shows (and maybe music? other? I haven’t actually used it). So you’d set it up on a home server, and then you could use the client to stream from your server on your phone.

I’ve definitely heard a lot about it, so it’s definitely popular, but it is not open source. I believe Jellyfin is an open-source attempt to do the same, but I also think it’s kinda new. I don’t think Jellyfin actually has a Linux client package yet.


Minecraft does run on the pi (I mean native Minecraft, not Minecraft Pi).
A lot of stuff could happen with perapp tweaks, But android support is much easier, especially for closed-source apps.


Pretty sure most people who run minecraft on the pi at least give it a slight overclock. I don’t think you’ll be able to overclock the Librem due to it’s thermal constraint.


On the other hand, the graphics chip on the Librem 5 is meatier than that found in the Pi. Overclocking it might not be necessary.


Minecraft is mostly a CPU bound game however. I doubt the GPU will make much of a difference.


Minecraft can be GPU-bound if one uses enough shaders, although those fancy aren’t actually needed to run it.


What I need for sure is a app for my keepass keys. Thats very important for me.



Checkout GNOME Password Safe, which was already demoed on the Librem 5 devkit


@ developers /members Foobar2000 community

BUMPING the Foobar2000 app request

Please consider developing a dedicated [edit: and native] Foobar2000 app which does not runs through Wine or WineBottler such as Snapcraft . Foobar2000 Arch Linux native package is currently maintained by their community

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