AppStream Use Case

I just updated my PinePhone (Mobian/Phosh) and noticed an update for appstreamcli in the list. I thought it very strange that Amazon remote desktop/cloud services would be updating… since I didn’t install it.

Is AppStream installed by default on the Librem 5?

Can any of you smart people conceive of a logical reason that AppStream be installed on a phone?

Looks like it.

Unrelated, I think i.e. one word, appstream, two unrelated meanings (but both in the general IT space unfortunately).

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Eh? OK… it had not occurred to me that there would be other uses than Amazon cloud services. Looks like it’s hard connected to Linux software managers now.

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I’m confused now.
Is AppStream a new ‘packagemanager’ from Amazon used by Linux developers?

I think developers found some features of the AppStream command line interface to be useful for software managers.

As far as I’m aware it has nothing to do with Amazon at all. AppStream is a freedesktop specification.

According to some googling, it seems like Freedesktop AppStream was created in May 2013 (or earlier) while Amazon AppStream was announced November 2013.

Appstream is a standard of how metadata that applications provide about themselves is structured.

It is basically what allows an app info to be processed by all the different linux app stores: gnome software, elementary shop, forgot the name of the manjaro thing, e.g: is the app adaptive or not, license info, name, project URL, etc.


Also… What is Amazon AppStream?

Now I understand: Two different techniques with the same name.
Thank you all for clearing this up. :smiley:

I was not aware of Amazon AppStream before reading this thread either.
Made no sense at all to me why the top post mentioned Amazon, I assumed that I was missing something so had to Google to understand what the post was about.