Apt update && apt full-upgrade && reboot required?

I always use sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade to install fresh software. What I do missing is somehow the information if it requires now a reboot or just some userland packages have been updated.

Required reboot is indicated by a file, /var/run/reboot-required.


Yesterday the apt update && apt full-upgrade installed a new kernel, but no file /var/run/reboot-required was created.

You don’t have to reboot the phone if you install a new kernel, unless you want to use the new kernel.


Probably not related but noticed curious update behavior today (hadn’t updated in a about a week and then it was using apt - as always). I did apt update and upgrade which went ok. And then looked at through settings and for some reason checked the “about” which led me to look at updates through there (takes to store). To my surprise the store was still offering an update (it does not tell what it is, which I hate) and it actually required me to restart. Seems to have updated phosh (got the new top and bottom swipes). But I’m confused why an update via apt didn’t do this only a minute before.

Does the software center deal with updating flatpaks?

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Yes - but it shouldn’t restart the system after updating flatpaks only.

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Store wanted to update apps afterwards when I looked at it again after the reboot.

Were they flatpaks? Apt doesn’t update those.


Good point, I don’t remember noticing which apps they were, so could be that