Apt update vs. Software app, any difference?

Today I got a notification on the gnome panel from the Software app showing some new updates,

however, I prefer to run the sudo apt udpate/upgrade to see what packagages/dependencies are actually being upgrade. However, when I ran the command,

$ sudo apt update
All packages are up to date.

is there a difference between apt and the Software app repos for package updates?


The software app also updates flatpaks. Essentially similar as running flatpak update in terminal.


Also it usually does the equivalent of
sudo fwupdmgr upgrade
to upgrade firmwares on your devices (those updates are very infrequent)


Just for the sake of clarity, @vrata , those packages in the photo are flatpak related. apt does not manage flatpak applications, so that is why there it says there is nothing to update.

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Ah yes, now I recall I did install some flatpack packages … thank you all for the clarification.