Arch ARM vs postmarketOS

Just got my new phone, spent a day with it, fantastic and amazing, but I can see that I will not be happy with pureOS.
I will need a robust software keyboard. I have already noticed the pureos implementation does not work with the pureOS packaged keepassxc. Trying to dig deeper I noticed that I hate debian based linux.
I have Verizon, its the only option. Verizon does not authorize this device so no phone calls/sms. This is fine as 4G internet works fine and I use signal. So I don’t care about a dialer/messenger/ apps. Is anyone running ether on their devices?

I’m using KeePassXC on my L5 with PureOS. You just have to adjust the scale a bit. And what is your issue with Squeekboard?


Since there’s no Arch Linux ARM port for the Librem 5 I am aware of, you would have to go with postmarketOS. Despite Edge seeming more fun, in order to avoid breakage on updates, I recommend you to go with postmarketOS stable - a new release of that will be out next month.

If you want to try it before switching, make sure your Librem 5’s u-boot is up to date and you can try postmarketOS from microSDXC (which negatively affects app start times, so it will seem slower than it is from eMMC.

Regarding KeePassXC: It’s just not mobile friendly, and they have no interest in making it adaptive, as documented in their issue tracker. I personally use ‘Secrets’, a GTK app - it’s only downside is that it is slower at unlocking/decrypting the database.

That said, did you also install ‘qtwayland5’? It and using Mobile Settings compositor tab may help with making KeePassXC more usable, if you want to stick to it.

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It may be some unrelated keepass error but when I try and edit an entry the details window ignores all softkey inputs including touch to change input fields, but accepts usb mouse and keyboard inputs. I don’t know if its a bug, a feature, or I’m just doing it wrong.
As for arch I was thinking of starting with something like this. Hoping I can just copy needed boot scripts etc from pmOS. But i Guess if it was that easy someone else would have already :frowning:

Ahh … I didn’t understand you and so was playing around with KeePassXC. At some point (not sure what happened) I run into same issue. I logged out and couldn’t even use my master password to enter KeePass again. After I restarted the application I could do everything as expected.

It was the first time to run into this bug so I didn’t even know that it exists. It seems that Input will not be recognized at some unknown point except some buttons that can be touched. However, usually everything works for me - edit entries included.

I don’t prevent you from installing another OS, but if you are still on PureOS, try it again please. I would like to know if you were just unlucky or if there is still nothing you can do.

For me everything works until you open the edit/create dialog, thats why I was unsure if maybe this was a anti screen/key grabbing feature, guess not just a bug.
As for my issues with pureOS they go to fundamentals, Im not trashing it, its a personal preference thing.

As I said, I usually can edit everything.

I don’t mind if you want to use another OS. Just was confused by your experience (and now I know why it was different). By the way, it would be nice to read about your experience with PostmarketOS on an own thread after you used it for some time.

I’ve used both Arch and pmOS a good amount on the pinephone, while I wait for my L5. I tend to like pmOS more, as I think the mobile community is more active, so things get fixed faster and the experience tends to be more reliable and polished. Also, apk is a much simpler and more intuitive tool than pacman. However, there is not the massive AUR, so some software may not be available in pmOS.

A very interesting aspect of pmOS is the sxmo interface, which is completely different than other mobile UIs, and I love it. It will require reading some documentation and perhaps joining the matrix chat room to ask questions. Sxmo is also available as a debian package, but the integration is not as solid as it is with pmOS. Using sxmo will be easier if you have experience with i3 or sway window managers, but sxmo is far faster, more customizable, and less resource-hungry than the alternatives. It is not for everyone, but if you like to read about and experiment with the software that you use, then you might like it. I recommend at least checking it out.