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I’m just curious about the absence of a Purism entry in Arch Linux wiki under Laptops category.

Is anybody using Arch Linux on Purism laptops? Would be nice to get some info on compatibility, issues and general feedback. I tend to check the Arch Linux wiki to get an idea of laptops before buying them.

Hey archers! How is it going? :joy:

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I’ve been running Arch on my Purism Librem 15v3 since I got it seven months ago (transitioned my old install off my DOA t460s) and it works great. Absolutely no issues. In fact since I’m willing to use firmware blobs here and there, I probably have less issues than your average poster here. I have also switched out the wireless card as the one the laptop came with might be free and open but man does it stink.

@jaylittle: Do you’ve found any AC wireless card (even with firmware blobs ), where the kills switches will work?

I tried a Broadcom card at some point that made use of the broadcom-wl driver that I believed worked with it, but the card and the driver were so terrible, I only spent a few hours with it before ripping it out. Currently using an Intel Wireless Card which doesn’t init right on a cold boot. But after a quick warm boot it works fine. This hasn’t been a big problem because sleep and wake works so well on the Librem 15v3 that I rarely ever cold boot the machine as it tends to be sleeping when I’m not using it.

jaylittle up for sharing your configurations? how’s the touchpad - are you using synaptics or libinput? did you configure them at all?

I would like to run NixOS ( - currently running it with a T460s and it’s OK, but the touchpad is taking some getting used to compared to my Macbook Pro.

A year later, I know… but!

I stuck with PureOS since getting my Librem about six months ago. I had freezing issues right away, mainly due to mistakes I made. I had been away from linux for quite some time and made some silly mistakes :slight_smile:

Once I realized the error of my ways, I was able to eliminate most of the freezing, but not all. Sometimes once a day, sometimes three times a week, it would just lock up.

A couple of weeks ago I got bored and decided to give Arch a shot. So glad I did! The install process wasn’t bad considering the very small text on a hidpi screen and how manual it is.

I was up and running, fully configured, within two hours. GNOME, linux-hardened kernel, only the apps and services I want – the machine hasn’t locked up even once! Great wifi performance, too.

I even put the PureOS plymouth theme on it. You wouldn’t even know it isn’t PureOS by using the GUI exclusively.

I use manjaro linux it’s not identical to arch but it is close, works like a dream out of the box

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It isn’t exactly a wiki entry, but it could be:

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I am on Manjaro too and it works great.