Arch Linux with Purism Key?

Hello there!

Anyone having any luck with the Purism Key on Arch Linux?

Been trying out a few things from the Arch Linux Wiki but I am unsure what the dependencies are called for Arch.

Any feedback would be much appreciated, have also been trying out the packages provided by Nitrokey but also no luck.

Many thanks in advance!

I am on Manjaro and would love to see some answers to this, but certainly understand why concentrating on PureOS makes sense.

I actually ended up installing PureOS on a small partition and booting from it - that way you can also upgrade the coreboot software.


Hi, if you are still having this issue with the Librem Key and Arch Linux, please install the AUR package:
librem-key-udev this adds udev rules so that the Key is recognized in Arch Linux.

Also the Nitrokey app support for the Librem Key is still pending, it was already added, but will only be released in version 3.6.

You could compile the libnitrokey from source from the master branch or modify the AUR package for the libnitrokey library, that would bring the support for the Librem Key in the Nitrokey app

Thank you very much for your reply @joao.azevedo.

I am not sure how the versioning works, but what I have installed is nitrokey-app 1.4-2 and libnitrokey 3.5-2

I noticed that there are two repos:

With version 3.6, do you mean backend or frontend?

I was refering to the libnitrokey, the support for the Librem Key there has been merged into master. But still needs to be tagged and released as version 3.6