Are Images & Group Messaging changes Compatible w/ L5?

Our mobile ISP stated they are changing again. They say:

Starting on February 7th 2024, older devices may require software or settings updates or replacement to continue using Picture and Group messaging (MMS).

Instead of copying it all here, this is the link that addresses the changes with MMS.
The change apparently is only aimed at Canada. :skunk:S

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This affects TELUS and their flanker brands. Here are the instructions for TELUS and Koodo Mobile:


Sounds like you’ll only need to change your MMS settings in the Chatty app, and possibly the APN name in Mobile Settings (if it’s different from the current name).

I’m not sure why iOS devices would require a software download, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary for Android devices. Probably not for the L5, either.


Settings changes download automatically with iOS, in a similar way to the way that software downloads automatically. I don’t know how that works though i.e. whether the settings come from the carrier, not from Apple. Obviously this is badness from the point of view of your control over your own device!

In any case, only the latest software will have the correct default settings for a carrier if the carrier just changed the required settings. (That is not really different from Linux. If an application obtains a default carrier setting from /usr/share/mobile-broadband-provider-info and the carrier changes the required value and upstream someone puts that change in the data file then one way of getting the new correct setting is to update the software.)


I already read those. I do things like that before coming here.
Bottom line is, it’s up to user to get updates for MMS/APN from, in this case, Puri.

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That one worked! :clap: I just had to change their proxy. Then a hoard of messages telling me I had a lot of texts but expired. I’m glad my clever phone (AKA landline) never does that :smirk:

A ton of thanks FranklyFlawless. Made my week.