Are macbooks with libreboot entirely free?

I found that macbook 2, 1 and a macbook 1, 1 can be librebooted so if you then install a FSF endorsed OS, does it make the computer secure as in no possible backdoor? Curious as I may be able to receive a macbook 2, 1 as a gift from a family member as they no longer need it.

You start you topic with a generic title about “all computers” then move to only macbooks???

Is that click bait? :smiley:

If you are talking about this model:

Then you will still need some proprietary firmware for wifi and webcam


The documentation is pretty clear about the problem with the Webcam on the Macbook2,1. I’m guessing that you need to install proprietary firmware if you want Bluetooth, but you are probably going to want to replace the ancient WiFi card anyway.

Aagghh. Changed. Sorry for clickbait. Frick the cam and default wifi. No problemo.

I only have 1 pair of headphones that are bluetooth and my phone has bluetooth but I never connect via bluetooth to a computer but rather connect via plugging in so that isn’t much of a problem. I’ll just replace the wifi and not use the cam.
edit: Read the documentation and all seems pretty good. Thanks!

They have Libreboot on MacBooks now?? If they can just get up to the 3,1, I might be able to finally get a librebooted laptop!