Are power adapters interchangeable

Hi Purisimos

Are all power adapters interchangeable for Librem laptops? Can I use a 13v1 power adapter on a 15v3?

Check the voltage, to be sure.
As Purism uses standard adapters, you can even use any adapter with the same voltage.
(I’m not 100% sure they’ll all have a matching plug with the same diameters, but if it fits and the voltage is matching, it should work fine).

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Thanks! They are both 19V.

Voltage AND polarity need to match and the amperage on the charger should be at least what the Librem calls for.

If the amperage is lower on the charger you do risk decreasing the lifespan of the device. If the charger has higher amperage there is no negative impact on the device.


Thanks! From what I can tell they are both input 100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60Hz, output 19V -… 3.42A

… and check the polarity.

I mean it would be a bit lame for them to be different but … check the polarity.


It was good to check, I didn’t know how to check polarity. They are both minus connected to a dot inside of a C connected to a plus. Very tiny font.

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And do the plugs match? It may lead to an obvious conclusion.

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All Librem laptops to date use the same 19.2V/3.42A (65W) brick with a 5.5mm/2.5mm plug. This can also be used to power a Librem Mini (v1/v2), though those only ship with a 2.1A (40W) brick, so the reverse is not true.