Are purism screens sealed so thunderflies (Thysanoptera) cannot crawl into?

Everyone in Middle Europe knows about those pesky Thysanoptera (“thrips”) little black insect crawling around literally everywhere. They also like to crawl into monitor screens and then often do not find the way back out and die right inside an LCD screen area.

This could be easily avoided by sticking a tape around the screen, so there is no gap for the insects (0.2 mm thick) to get in.

But many manufacturers are oblivious to this problem.

Does Purism have their screens sealed with sticking tape or sth. so the bugs cannot damage the screen ?

Hi Al!

Your question seemed a bit funny at first, since no customers have been mentioned anything similar. However, after short discussion we concluded following:

The screen is sealed by gluing a very thin piece of aluminum to the front panel, the tolerance is extremely tight, a fingernail does not fit between the aluminum and the screen itself. There are plenty larger areas for access, such as the headphone jack, the speaker slots (on the side), the hinge hole, but those don’t emit light like the LCD, so if this issue is related to the brightness attracting these little black insects, and the worry is going from the screen surface under the screen cover, it seems very unlikely on any Librem product.

Thank you for your interest in Purism.


Thank You Sir, for answering. Maybe, however, there is a little misunderstanding. Here is a visual about those pesky insects:

In fact, one such thrip has damaged my screen by causing a 2 mm black pixel while I am typing this.

Sorry that I mistakenly referred to “LCD” screens. This is about regular backlighted color screens.

Theses insects crawl between the backlight and the frontal colour layer. If they die in the screen there are ugly black spots like 6 dead pixels in a row.

Again, if the manufacturers just seal the screen with sticking tape these thrips cannot do any damage. Please cponsider such measures, thank you.

We appreciate your concern, but we believe our laptops are immune to this problem.