Are there any compatible stylus pen replacements out there?

I’d like to have a spare stylus for my Librem 11 and there don’t seem to be any for sale in the Purism shop. Has anyone heard of or used any compatible stylus?

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Try asking Purism support about more details about the stylus and weather or not you are able to order spares from them.


To elaborate on that … not all spares, replacement parts and other similar items are explicitly listed in the Purism shop. Hence for that kind of requirement you will need to contact Purism directly:


It’s possible it supports the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) specification, which would make it easier to find a compatible stylus potentially. A Goodix touchscreen digitizer chipset is used in it and Goodix has been a member since 2016. If it does support USI, it doesn’t sound like it supports the 2.0 version, which has additional features such as NFC wireless charging.

Jonathan Hall (2024-01-31):

I don’t have a 100% firm answer (we’re still looking into getting additional spare/replacement parts for L11), but I do have some suggestions you can consider :thinking: I don’t have any of these devices so I can’t guarantee anything unfortunately.

From some searching I found reports that the GPD Pocket 3 has the same Goodix touchscreen digitizer chipset as L11 (Arch Wiki). There is a good chance that styli for it are compatible. I found a few listings on eBay for it (do not know these sellers) and it looks nearly identical, other than the rounded top. Again I can’t be 100% sure, I don’t know whether it’ll have the magnets, etc., but this is the best idea I have.

Hope that helps