Attaching lvm disk from a librem laptop to another laptop to recover data


Following a hardware failure of my librem 13v3, I want to copy some data from its disk to another laptop, before sending the machine to purism. I need those data quite urgently, I was thinking they were synchronised before the failure, but such is not the case.

However, I am not sure how to deal with an LVM partition, as the logical volumes appears as active with lvscan.

I was using fedora on the librem laptop and fedora on the other one too.

Any recomandation welcomed.

@montaropdf within fedora you should be able to use blivet-gui as a GUI for LVM partitions. It should let you mount the partition and access it.


Thanks for the suggestion, however, I try today, again, and this time, mount manage to attach the disk. I really don’t understand what happens yseterday :frowning:

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