Attempting to place an order

I’m trying to place an order for a Librem 15.

I moved through the screens to check-out and placed the order.

Unfortunately, the spinning icon just keeps on spinning…

The fault for that is mine. I run NoScript in Firefox, and while I did enable other javascript programs for your site, I neglected to authorize the one for check-out. My bad!

But now I have no idea whether the order (and payment, mind you) have gone thru or not. And I’m not about to try placing the order again with the possibility that one is already pending…

It would be awfully nice if you guys would post a sales contact phone number on your website.

Hi @yarro,

Congratulations for taking back you privacy and security in hand :wink:
You will probably be interested in the following forum thread

The Operations section is the most suitable for your request :slight_smile:

What: Questions about orders, payments, returns, lost packages
Subject: [order number] question summary
Usual response time: under 48 hours
Conditions: Before sending email to ops, please see the availability status on our products page35!

Example email subject: [Purism_12345678] bitcoin transaction failed

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