[AU] SOLD - Unused Librem 5 with BM818-T1 Modem

Hi all,

I have 3 Librem 5’s and it looks like the 3rd one will not be getting used so I am selling it.

I use my current Librem 5 on Telstra and have tested a few other telco’s without issue. I’ve really enjoyed moving away from big tech and look forward to the bright future of linux phones.

Asking AU $1000.00


It may help to make explicit whether that’s A$ or US$.

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Good point! :slight_smile:

Oh and … these have just arrived? So they are Evergreen batch? Or they are an earlier batch?

Congrats on supporting the future of Linux phones by buying three of them!

Given the current weakness in the banana republic dollar, that would be a very reasonable price in US$ even though someone would have to buy a modem separately (and presumably pay for greater postage).

They’re all evergreen.

I am not interested in making money off the phone. Purism has had enough bad press, rather someone get a good deal like a did and be happy with their purchase.


I’m keen. New here and live in Qld. How do we get in touch. Cheers

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Perhaps some helping (actually push :grin:) hand helps there: FOR SALE: Librem 5 unused, Version 1, BM818-T1 modem, Australia? But only if @OrigenAG peacefully agrees to this proposal of mine.

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Hmm can you direct message on here? Happy to provide info but ideally not on an open forum

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Please open your :email: Messages link after you log into this Forum (very same place/icon within you log out actually) and reply to myself from there.

EDIT: And I guess that your actual e-mail address should link you to my PM directly.

Thanks Quarnero, all done and dusted. Cheers Bob

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Yes, the functionality exists in this forum software.

No, a first time user is not permitted to direct message in the default configuration of said forum software.

So, thanks to @Quarnero for working around that forum software issue.

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All good things that happen between people boil down to: Will Purism get with Librem 5 what OpenMoko never got?, nothing more nor less.

Is this still available? Cheers

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Sorry - sold