Audible on Librem 5

Has anyone gotten audible to work on the librem 5?
It use to work ~6 months ago on Epiphany, but now just shows “Browser not supported. Playback is not supported on this browser. Please enable playback of DRM protected content”. I don’t see a setting for that in Epiphany.

Firefox just says ClearKey plugin has crashed any time attempted.

For DRM things, Please use a “DRM OS” Like OpenSource OSes.
Of course you still own you rights if want enable DRMs under FreeSoftware, but fix it yourself, not global.

@steve Maybe you should fill a bug for Firefox.

@carlosgonz Consider that using a little bit of proprietary software is much better than using a lot of it:


For that reason is why exist Opensource OSes, Pure OS is FreeSoftware which means a blob-free effort for FreeSoftware peoples. Please do not mixing OSI with FSF.

From my understanding of things, which could be wrong, fsflover isn’t mixing osi and fsf when they make a statement and link to the fsf for supporting statements.

Also, I don’t know the specifics of the drm audible is using, but I know that there are open source drm solutions. Free software being about freedom not necessarily free beer to me means that pureos and drm are not mutually exclusive as concepts. The specific DRM for audible may or may not be, but that’s different than implying the concept of DRM is.