Audio crackling with the Librem 14 solved

My audio was cracking when connecting an external audio device to my newly bought Librem 14 (with qubesOS installed).

I asked in the qubes forum and there I was recommended to contact the purism support.

The support recommended me to upgrade the EC firmware (puri [dot] sm /projects/librem-ec) and to upgrade my PureBoot (puri [dot] sm/projects/coreboot). The process was extremely easy and well documented. Thanks for that. This did not remove the crackling completely, but it made it much more silent.

Meanwhile, in the qubes forum, @saswatpadhi explained that disabling the PulseAudio “module-suspend-on-idle” fixed that issue. This removed my audio crackling completely.

I guess that updating the EC-firmware/PureBoot the support suggested to me was not necessary, not confirmed though.

I am not able to post more than two links yet, sorry for that…

This post is intended to aid those having the same issue.
Thanks to all who helped!


Librem 14 is getting better and better. There is a bright future ahead. I’m still gonna hold my breath for V.2 though. And yeah, I have very large lungs.