Audio Engineer Stable Build Challenge

Hey Purism people,

I’m an audio engineer by trade

I currently use a combo of Apple, Windows, and proprietary third party plugins as my main computing solutions. I see Microsoft and Apple are hardly a longterm solution for the whole industry. My colleagues recognize this often as well and we feel stuck

I’m currently seeking a mobile recording and mixing laptop to travel to my clients when they want that service

Ideally it would be able to have linux as its primary os, as well as the hardware has to be as ‘just-works’ with the os. It’s critical to my businesses survival the computer is able to:

Take audio data in from Analog to Digital converter (example USB)

Run a just-works os stable, with audio routing similar to or having the option to be the same as analog audio routing, (Example AV Linux with JACK)

Run a digital audio workstation stable in tandem with fundamental audio plugins, (Ardour, Calf Audio, etc)

It’s from that point just doing audio engineering where I’m at my work (me)

This is also why I’m starting coding myself, to make this stable build and as an example that audio engineers, producers and creative professionals we have a better option for recording digitally than what is currently in the top studios (barring tape and analog gear world from the discussion and solution for right now)

The only thing stopping me right now is that I don’t have enough money to experimentally buy a Purism laptop to try out this build myself

I don’t want to buy yet another Windows or Apple proprietary and not-the-way-I-Choose laptop ever. I hope to never enter those patterns again.

Who can help in establishing a working example of a stable audio engineer software and hardware build on their end, using PureOS, Ardour, Calf Audio plugins, and Purism hardware? A solid digital audio interface compatible with open standards is a plus

It is good to work together!

My contact information is on my profile here

Hope your day is going well

Audio engineer going to FOSS
Robert V

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@auditorypro, are you familiar with the Pyra project? I think there are some audio enthusiasts around there. See for example this thread.

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This computer type looks pretty cool! I’ll be following up on the audio world there

Looks as a mobile gaming platform!