Auto suspend while working


Just had a nasty surprise. Working away typing madly on my big monitor and in the corner of my eye I see a message flash past on the laptop screen, something about auto suspend. Then my screen goes black, as if I had been away for 5 minutes. I hit enter, and get the login prompt, but this is not the screen saver login, this is oh you have been logged out and would like to start working. All the windows I had open were gone and I tend to have a lot of windows in use with reference material, photos and so on as well as the main window where I am working. Thank goodness for auto save, so I didn’t lose more than a few minutes of work, but why was I logged out? Why didn’t I get a chance to save my work? Doing some searching on gnome and auto suspend and so far it sounds awful. I have turned off auto suspend, but even that may not help from what I have read. So a heads up everyone, and if anyone has experience or even better a fix or a workaround I would love to hear it.
Cheers! Amarula


Tried several ways of turning off suspend, no luck so far, still having unpredictable black screen logout from auto suspend. Found this reference to suspend issues but no solution:
Any help would be much appreciated.


Please provide more details, what OS, what DE, did you updated, etc…


Just to confirm I encountered this nasty bug as well more than a few times, but as of a couple weeks ago it hasn’t happened again. I have the Librem 13 v 3.

edit: scratch that it just happened to me again, lost all my tabs/windows as if I did a full reboot.


Hi mladen, I have the Librem 15v3, Kernel: 4.16.0-1-amd64 x86_64 bits: 64, Desktop: Gnome 3.28.2, Distro: PureOS. I have not compiled or installed a new kernel.
I have regularly installed the gnome and other software updates as they become available. I have installed aptitude, using it to build wine for WoW, otherwise not doing any software development.

Having multiple issues with my brand new Librem 13 v 3

Auto suspend happened again last night, this time even stranger: I was logged out but not to the login screen, just a shadow gray screen with a mouse pointer. Hard power down and reboot…


Does it happen while on battery or AC?


These have all happened while plugged into AC (with external wireless keyboard and trackball, and connected to my big screen monitor).