Auto Suspend yea or nay?

Is it safe to turn on auto suspend? Will the phone wake up for incoming calls or texts?

I personally don’t use it.
It is considered an experimental feature. So, I am waiting until it is declared stable.
At least some users have at least sometimes the problem that the phone does not wake up upon calls/SMS. But I have no data of how often this happens.

So far it seems to work about 5-9 out 10 times. Resuming can have issues with the modem as well, where it just will not come back. Other issues are that the lock screen just loop when unlocking and never unlocks. This instability is seen on the MNT Reform as well. It just feels more frustrating on the Librem 5. Really hoping software development continues to work and these issues get resolved.

One final note: Auto suspend seems to work more often than when you manually trigger standby via the Librem 5 app.

I tried it for a couple of days this week (just got my phone). I tried calling myself and sending myself messages a couple of times. Messages came through fine. When I tried calling, it waked up the phone, but did not ring or show there was an incoming call. Ringing again the call came through properly. Seems like it is almost there but not quite. I have been having other modem issues though, so you might have better luck.

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Thanks for the replies. I left it in my pocket for a couple of hours with auto-suspend turned on and it still burned through about 20% of the remaining battery (and it was quite warm). On this aspect, I think the PinePhone Pro is superior.