Automatically lock screen with Librem key for Qubes

Greetings to the community. I’m a new librem 14 user. Pure OS has an interesting feature that automatically lock the screen when the librem key is removed. I’m wondering if it’s possible to configure the Qubes to add this feature too?

I do not think so, based on the last fifteen minutes of researching I did just before responding to your post. This is as far as I got on both the Purism and Qubes OS Forum.

About the Librem Key - Purism - Librem products documentation

Qubes isolates the USB devices into a dedicated VM sys-usb, which has no access to the rest of the system. So it can’t lock the screen, too. In principle, you can remove sys-usb and connect USB devices, including Librem Key, to dom0 directly. It will make it possible to lock the screen like this, but the security of the system will suffer.


Ths a lot for the answers. Now I think I’ve got it.

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