Autorun "clocks" on boot

Hi, I would like to start “clocks” automatically when I boot my Librem, because if I forget it, the alarm doesn’t work. Does anybody know how this can be done easily?

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Assuming you are using PureOS with GNOME 3, the following would work to start the clocks at login time:

  • Install “gnome tweak tool” (also known as “Tweaks”)
  • Start it then go to the “Startup applications” tab
  • Click “Add” and add the clocks application

This will automatically launch the application after logging in.

Launching a windowed application at system boot time is not possible.


Or install a desktop environment like XFCE or Cinnamon, that doesn’t try to hide configuration options like GNOME. In Cinnamon, you can go to Configuration > Startup Applications and select an application or type in a custom command.


sudo apt install gnome-tweaks < if you are on gnome-shell

it has to be possible to do this directly with a terminal command but i don’t know what file is responsible with taking care of programs that have permission to load at boot-time … anyone ?

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Noting though that Startup Applications is typically misnamed and is actually handled at login, not boot.

um yeah, that’s what i WANTED to write - login - boot-time processes are typically something else …

Thank you very much, this worked immediately! :smile: :+1:

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