Availability and price of Gemalto PLS8 modem?

Few days back I noticed that in the Purism store there are a new listing for modems (https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5-modem/). Currently there are 3 options, all are BM818 (made in China). There are no Gemalto PLS8 (made in Germany), even if it was promised long time back.

Many weeks ago I asked Purism directly about the Gemalto PLS8 (availability and price). This is what I got back:
We do intend to have this option in the future. But at this moment I
cannot specify any details.

Purism, please. Add this option now. What is holding you back? Please tell this to the community.


I’m no expert but mounting LGA modules on a card would be a job for a machine, I would think. Purism also might be outsourcing that.

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Is it my understanding that only the Gemalto will be compatible with VoLTE?

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That is an unresolved question.


As I said, I’m no expert. :slight_smile:

The Gemalto documentation definitely says LGA.

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I was considering I might also get a PLS8 modem so I am also keen to hear when it will be available and pricing. Hopefully they’ll have some news about it soon. Although, if there is any chance of a more compatible modem in the future I’d prefer to wait for that.

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Pinging whoever sees this: any updates? Maybe I’ve just missed it but it seems like Purism has been dead silent about the PLS-8 for the past year or so.

I can only find one issue report about the PLS8 modem in source.puri.sm, and it has a comment dated from Feb. 2020 saying that nobody outside of the company has received the PLS8 modem. I can’t find any info after that.

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