This might be obvious, but here isn’t any Purism documentation that i can find what APN, MMS type settings to use for AWESIM.

Should there be an official WiKi for that?

I have the feeling that if you order a SIM at the same time as ordering a phone then it comes pre-configured so you wouldn’t technically need to know that info (at least in the short term). Yes, it should be in the Support FAQ, and maybe in fact if they send you a SIM after purchase of the phone then they should also send you a piece of paper with that info on it.


I also ordered the AWESIM, upon delivery I suppose I’ll go through the mini adventure everyone else seems to be having of trying to get things to work and reporting certain things that don’t. I suppose I should opt to work in parallel before I take it somewhere to swap phone numbers with my regular phone? I don’t relish having to change the number on my business cards and tell all my contacts to use the new phone number. Including all the medical sites that feel obligated to text me my next appointment and all the institutions that want to text me a 2FA.

So, I just got a text saying FedEx has something to deliver on the 3/17 (tomorrow) and that it needs an adult signature. I’m not sure if it will be my L5 or the company laptop for my new FORTRAN job. (Then again it could be for adult toys but I didn’t order any.)

awesome keep me posted :slight_smile:

The L5 Fedex delivery requires a signature. They just had me input my DOB into their little handheld device.

I couldn’t resist the implied humor in the reference to “adult signature”.

Given the size of the box, I wonder if the FedEx guy is ASSuming anything as well. I guess Purism does this so that FedEx cannot just drop the box off at the wrong address or the item could be stolen or damaged by rain if left outside?

Having experience with shipping from a factory warehouse …

FedEx Ground (in the U.S.) is often cheaper than most small package services. I’m not surprised it is the medium of choice for the shipping dept.

Yes. Purism web site says, unfortunately

Phone number porting will be offered at a later date

That said, if you want to ditch the surveillance haul that is linked to your mobile number then you have to change mobile number from time to time.

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You can just use the call forwarding feature that all carriers have available to you, to have calls to your existing number to ring through to your Librem 5. Then the trick is to find a way to spoof your outgoing calls to show your other phone number to everyone when calling from your Librem 5.


I’m retired from the surveillance haul. As you may guess, I can never really ditch it. So I don’t mind keeping my number. I may need to be reached anyway. (There’s probably a movie with that as a minor sub-plot or quip.)