AweSIM delaying Librem 5 orders?

So, I ordered a Librem 5 USA back in Feb 2021 and decided to include the AweSIM cell service. I received my address confirmation email almost 2 months ago, on Sept 29. I contacted Support on Oct 29 and was advised that the delay was “mostly” due to the AweSIM and that it takes time to prepare and activate. I was advised that it could take (worst case) 3 weeks, with tomorrow being the end of that 3 week period.

Impatient rant aside, anyone else here ordering their phone with AweSIM experience similar delays?

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For anyone following this, here is an update from Purism Support.

I’m afraid we had delays with both Librem 5 USA and AweSIM. New system for AweSIM will be in place by the end of December, meaning shipping will be at full speed starting from January.
The same goes for Librem 5 USA production, it should be normalized starting from new year, so your order will be shipped in January.
We apologize for the inconvenience, we’re doing everything we can to solve these issues and to have uninterrupted shipping.
Let me know if you have questions.

It’s frustrating to see the goal post constantly pushed back, but I at least appreciate the quick responses from Support. I am neither a Purism fanboy, nor a basher, and am simply posting this information’s sake.


Yeah we are expanding and improving AweSIM so we can scale better, which involved moving to new infrastructure. It will be good news for AweSIM subscribers, but it’s meant we needed to pause new AweSIM activations while we finish setting things up and testing.