Awesim Family Plan in the foreseeable future? 🤔

I struggled for the proper category… Lol.

So I just found out about this yesterday because I’m researching options. I am so sick of the duopoly that we’re stuck with currently. I have a Google Android that I can’t stand and I was planning to switch to Apple, but now with what they’re doing with censorship cancel culture, I just can’t support either.

So I’m curious if in the foreseeable future will there may be some kind of family monthly plan? Because obviously the more people I get in my family to have a phone like this- that’s a pretty high monthly fee. (Yes. I understand why it’s all high right now…)

And I think I finally figured out the ONLY difference in the 2 phones aside from the 1200 dollars is where they are made, right? Now I LOVE the USA idea… Just not sure I can really afford it… :confused: has a 5 member family plan if you didn’t know that already … aweSIM is America only (U.S right now)

Purism hasn’t announced a family AweSIM plan. You can email to make sure that Purism hears your request.