Awesim Service Up/Down Status

Has anybody else experienced inability to connect on Mobile 4G with Awesim the last couple of days?

May 13th 2022.

It keeps trying to connect but no connection is established, it worked fine the day prior 12th May. 4G shows full bars.

@Captain_Morgan, just checked mine (AweSIM). 4G appears to be working normally for me. 2 bars where I’m at, but calling/data still work. I have had multiple instances where my mobile 4G “disappears” so to speak. Not just no bars, you can’t even see the mobile tab under settings. Re-setting the battery clears it up.

I have a SIMple plan (which I think is identical to AWEsim except with only 1 GB of mobile data), and my mobile data has been fine when I’ve temporarily switched it on over the past couple of days. Just worked fine this afternoon.