AX25 and Mobilinkd

Anyone have success with an AX25 device with Librem phone?

I tried my Mobilinkd TNC3 and it didn’t work.
Kissattach command gave an error, makes me wonder if the Librem doesn’t have complete kernel or AX25 utilities for ham radio projects?

kissattach: Error setting line discipline: TIOCSETD: Invalid argument
Are you sure you have enabled MKISS support in the kernel
or, if you made it a module, that the module is loaded?

ax25-tools is intalled.

How does your device interface to the phone?

Bluetooth? Might be missing a Bluetooth profile. Or, yes, support may have been omitted for something needed for this device.

The beauty of open source: You are free to rebuild the kernel so that it includes the needed support.

Do you have another Linux computer where your device does work?

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Yes, it works on Ubuntu.
I connect it with a USBC to UsbMicro cable which does add the device as a usb-serial device.

I really don’t know anything about that hardware but the original error is probably correct.

Maybe you can look at the working system to see whether installing a package is needed and/or whether enabling something is needed.

With Ubuntu, is it a separately loadable module?

“lsmod” on a working Ubuntu system shows no “ax25” or “MKISS”. I think it may be a build time option, if not I am not sure how one could enable it.
“sudo modprobe ax25” and “sudo modprobe mkiss” only give a module not found error.
Is there any guide to changing the Librem kernel?