Back cover or custom case upgrades

Heat (primarily) while in use and battery life for me are probably the two main things I’d like to see improve. Am I correct that we aren’t hoping for much on that front at this point?

So on to the topic…

It would be nice to replace the back cover with something thicker which distributes heat better. Most of the heat that bothers me is on the sides of the phone more so than the back, so a case would probably help.

Now I know there’s a thread out there about a custom 3D case, but let’s take that concept a little further… a 3d printed “case” which replaces the back plate AND lets you put in a huge battery (somehow) would improve both fronts.

Is that remotely feasible to do custom?

Maybe something like this if I understand what the hell this thing is (lol):

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Software improvements can continue to optimize temperatures, I imagine, but since the frame of the L5 was designed to act as a heat sink, drawing heat away from the isolated internal components (some of which were not meant for enclosure in phones), I think the L5-Evergreen will probably always be warmer than mass market phones with consolidated black-box internals.

That will surely improve…and already has, since first launch.


That’s good, I got the impression the major optimizations were already mostly in by now. Battery life and heat should improve together, I imagine.

Anyway, still up for any suggestions on heat mitigation. I’ll take a look at what the sensors are saying on mine at some point to make sure the temps aren’t unusual, but I doubt they are.

I still consider this phone a beta phone there are lots of improvements in the works (let’s remember that mobile linux really didn’t exist before), fear not I think this thing will be humming along quite nicely as the months go by.

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