Backer Fatigue with pur.ism

This is my first post here — I think I’ve been pretty patient up to this point. In December, I got my automated shipping notice that my Evergreen phone would arrive in January. This was confirmed by an email from an actual person in late December after I placed an accessory order. It is now February and I have neither my phone nor any subsequent follow-up from pur.ism. In general, I am sympathetic to the difficult journey that brings us to this point. But this latest failure to meet a close-in commitment AND to reach out individually with a shipping update is hard for me to excuse.


Did you try getting in touch with


Did you receive your device in the meanwhile? Or any other (e.g. E-Mail) update on that?

I got an automated email on February 3rd saying that my phone was shipping by FedEx Ground on that day. Delivery was supposed to be on Feb 9. Unfortunately, that’s the last anyone knows about my phone’s whereabouts. It’s been lost in FedEx’s system ever since.

I did reach out to Purism for help. As they specified a delivery signature required, I’m stuck at home waiting unless I can get a delivery window. Support was not helpful — they told me to “contact FedEx”. As of this morning (Feb 11), 24 hours after opening a case with FedEx, no information about my phone’s location or delivery timing is available.

Did you check your Fedex tracking number online?

Yes, of course I did.

And what does it say for the status (just out of curiosity)?
I wonder if severe weather in certain parts of the U.S. is holding things up.

Shipping in general has been plagued with problems this year and delivery estimates have been really unreliable, in particular over the past few months. I personally have experience with a Librem Key order that was shipped in mid-December from the US to Canada and didn’t arrive until the end of January.

I definitely understand your frustration. It’s frustrating for us too, because on our side we don’t always get much more visibility into the status of a shipment than a customer with a tracking number once it leaves our facility, apart from what we are told when we contact the shipper.


Thank you for taking the time to post. I do understand and appreciate those points. What I didn’t appreciate:
• Ground shipping on a $600+ device I’ve waited over 3 years for. The greater uncertainty associated with the longer travel time combined with the delivery signature requirement is a worst-case combination for your customer.
• Being told to check with FedEx myself as the first response to my reporting a shipping delay. I paid for a phone delivered to me.
• Dubious effort to follow up with the shipper. When I pushed back and insisted that Purism had an obligation to follow up with the shipper, the result was me being told to just check the FedEx website. By that time, I had opened a case with FedEx myself — as your Customer Support could have done had they bothered to push past the initial automated system.
I’m really sorry to be a pain about this. Purism had not heard a peep of complaint from me, an early backer, at any point over the duration of the project. But once you sent me an email promising the shipment of my device, my expectation became one of reasonable follow up.


There are lots of things I think Purism can and should improve, but I don’t thing hunting down a package that’s “only” been due for a few days, amidst the most turbulent of times, is not one of them, in my humble opinion.
As Kyle hinted, them trying to get useful information is just as much waste of time as if you do it yourself. Re-Checking the delivery state of the tracking number once a day (or activate email updates if possible) would probably have been the most nerve and time effective way to go.


I completely disagree. It took me less than 5 minutes to get a tracking number using the resources FedEx intends be used by their customers. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Purism to expend that minimal effort on behalf of someone who has patiently, and without prior complaint, supported this project for over three years.


@jsjjnbrunk, I feel your concern. But remember, it is those very last moments that test your nerves. So, if you waited patiently for 3+ years bear it for some more time :slight_smile:

See if my situation makes you feel any better, I am an early backer. Order my L5 on 23rd October 2017. The last update from Purism said backers with orders till 20th October 2017 were provided an update. So, for me, it is “missed it by this much” scenario :slight_smile: And you know how frustrating it is.

So, give it some more time patiently …


Even with Next Day shipping you could be facing some issues, their Memphis Hub as well as others had/are experiencing outages and weather delays (see here).

Not commenting on who is responsible for what, just adding this in case any other impacted customers read the thread.

It’s one thing to be bothered by Purism’s delay in shipping the phone, but to try and make it seem like it’s Purism’s fault that a shipping carrier is experiencing delays or problems with tracking is ridiculous. You might have a case if Purism had stuffed the phone into an envelope, put a stamp on it, and then acted surprised when it showed up a little thinner (if at all). They used a name brand carrier and required a signature (which is sometimes an added cost).

Personally, requiring a signature for a $600 phone is the RIGHT thing to do. Why would you want your long awaited, $600 phone just tossed on the doorstep without anyone to receive it? FedEx and UPS are decent where I live, but Amazon’s drivers drop packages off at my house on a regular basis that aren’t even remotely for my address.

Ground delivery also seems totally normal and expected to me personally.


When FedEx delivered mine in Colorado last month, I happened to be sitting by my front window & stepped outside to greet the delivery man. I asked why he didn’t grab my signature even though it was documented as requiring it. He responded they haven’t been doing signatures in the age of COVID, and that a hand-off to any adult was their substitute. Maybe that can free you up … convince a telecommuting friend to work from your house. You may have to stock the fridge with beer.

I’m certain it varies by area, but I’ve found their delivery window estimates reasonably accurate - once your librem5 is located & starts getting status updates again, of course.

It would be ridiculous, but I suggested no such thing.

Please consider that not every post on this forum is a plea for a fanboy assault. I’m merely relating my experience for those who are interested. If you’re not interested or have nothing helpful to add, you should just move on.


This, in my area delivery confirmation by signature doesn’t mean shit. FedEx and ups will just drop the box by my door. Doesn’t matter if its a $5 item or a $5000 item. FedEx lost a package, I tried going through the vendor and got no response so I had to go through the bank to get a refund on my credit card. These are issues one has to deal with today.