Backup Librem Key?

Can someone explain the process of how you would go about copying over your keys to a backup Librem Key? I read through the documentation, and I get how to make the first key. How do I go about copying over the keys to a backup key?

  1. Generate your keys on your computer
  2. Make a backup of your keys on physical media
  3. Write keys to the first Librem Key, deleting them from your computer in the process
  4. Restore keys to your computer from physical media
  5. Write keys to the second Librem Key
  6. Store the physical backup in a secure location

Is this what you meant?

Possibly relevant:


That’s it, thank you. I have 2 spares, and wanted to setup one for a localized backup, and one stored remotely. Thanks!

We also discuss this topic in the official Librem Key docs: