Bad x86 boys, risc-v and power9

as maybe you readed on internet the bad boys hit again

as pc customer i’m really disappointed of this situation, they take our money and they don’t give a *** about their customers, but i don’t wanna talk about them, and i ask you to do the same, i do not wanna involve purism in a difficult situation, and onestly they do not deserve any attention, and i think our money

i think it’s really time to think about alternatives, and i’m talking about risc-v and power9 because they are powerfull and modern, and as i know they are completly free as freedom and open
if i well understood power9 is already supported by debian, and as i read there they are working on risc-v

the only cons as i know is the price, i don’t know if is about licensing or something else but i think purism and this community should start to care about

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that’s question to silicon manufacturers to make power efficient and feature rich implementations (SoCs) based on this architecture/platform. Once that’s done - it will be a topic for companies like Purism to pick it up and frame it into the open (to anyone) and free (of crap) consumer level product.

The only problem I see with this is while the standards are free and open the implementations don’t have to be which as far as I’m concerned is purpose defeating.

Hi @eagle,

Your concerns are valid! Actually, Purism already has that in mind :slight_smile:

From @todd-weaver Reddit IAMA:

I am very excited about RISC-V, we tend to look to the future, rather than old(er) (e.g. every year they get 1 year older :slight_smile: and less powerful hardware. Our order of interests are in this rough categorization:

  1. High-end – Intel
  2. Low-power – I.MX8M
  3. Best-future-bet – RISC-V

Edit: for disambiguation, I must insist on the fact that Purism did not commit to using RISC-V. Todd mentions that he has interest in it in the long term. Purism already invested a lot of resources in freeing parts of the i-series. There is much to bet about next Librem laptops iteration sporting i-series processors.


I understabd they made an investment in intel, but i still hope the future investment on risc will be closer enough, because with this intel attitude purism take a big risk keep push that way

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i-series means Core-iX or i.MX8M?

Sorry for the ambiguity. I meant Core-iX (i7, most likely) :slight_smile:

That’s a good news but i think is still too much expensive, and the case is ugly and poor of usb connection with no usb3 in 2018 is unbelievable, they cold have more luck if they start to sell mobo+cpu only at good price, so people could buy other piece it fit better for them

I saw somewhere debian repository is 96% complete for this architecture, so i do not understood why purism do not jump on this train. I think if they will sell a good atx motherboard + cpu at good price, not over 500$ they could make a kind of jackpot, because with other 500-700$ you could buy ram ssd and atx case and have a trully free pc

Important note: if you still tink people do not buy desktop, i whould you point on the fact raptor are selling ONLY desktop pc

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Not anymore, they have a cheaper workstation variant and in the next 2 weeks they’ll be able to provide mainboards with CPUs separately (now you can only buy the whole workstation). @ruff check mark? :slight_smile:

Now this idea doesn’t look bad at all (if on a Power9):

Thanks for the link is interesting this post from them

This board is EATX. Depending on how this works out, a redesigned PCB engineered for low cost (i.e. no support for high end CPUs, but with a smaller form factor) is under development.

Let’s hope in a good mainstream board as the x86 boards are