Librem PC option POLL

Do you like to have a Librem desktop version or a Librem motherboard with coreboot to build a freedom friendly desktop?

I’m here to ask if someone else is interested to have a desktop, so the product could be a NUC/Mac Mini like or any kind of atx/itx desktop or just a motherboard with coreboot where you can build your own pc, just to give the option for people who need a secure system to work in their office/home using the monitor/periferal they prefear

maybe in some country laptop are so much requested, but in other country people prefear to work with a desktop and use the laptop just when they need to move, cloud will help to sync documents, so usually alot of people, like me prefear to work with desktop with all my periferal, monitor and preferred imput keyb and mouse, instead to use a laptop on a desk

so do you like to have a desktop product who respect your freedom?

  • Yes
  • No

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Edit: Should it really be based on Intel, perhaps Power9?

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I’m for a desktop PC but I’m not sure Purism should use the same motherboard when there already exists a RYF certified motherboard that could be used (we can also have Libreboot on it yey!)

It is not a new motherboard, but since you can have up to 32 cores on it, it should perform pretty well. If you ask yourself why wouldn’t Purism use it in their laptops, well it’s a server motherboard and probably consumes a lot of power, IMHO.

I like the idea. I think a desktop mainboard would be great and could get more people and other company into coreboot and thus free and secure hardware. If purism could design a desktop board along with the next gen laptop board supporting the same cpu this might not eat up that much of resources. I think getting the coreboot hardware support done is the most time consuming part and needs to be redone for each processor (family). So if purism could just build a desktop board with the same cpu as the notebook for ease of suppport, i think even this would be a great thing as it would give people, the community and maybe even other resellers a board on which they could advance the support for other CPUs.

What i don’t know is how much the desktop and mobile cpu of one family differ, maybe this is already to much to develop them along side.

Well I’m all for there being more Purism devices, naturally.

And not just a desktop model - routers, peripherals, and network devices would be very nice as well.

The question is if it would pull resources away from developing the laptops and phone. That would be rather unacceptable for right now - the laptops and phone are to be the main focus for now.

Would appreciate it if they look into these once they actually have the free time though.

No offense, but I think it’s rather silly to make a poll asking “would you like this company you subscribe to (and therefore must like) to make more stuff?” Everyone is obviously going to say yes. But I think we need to be considerate of what Purism has on their plate already and not overload them with requests.


The d16 mobo is old expebsive and lack of usefull specs like usb3, so like the libreboot thibkpad are good but old purism maked their owb laptop

@Alex i understand and i agree with you, but as someone already suggesyed they could use the same hardware of laptop so the workflow will be easier
The goal of my poll is to understood if other user whould buy a desktop product, not just have avalaible, for example i whould like a librem router but i will not buy because we already have openwrt for example so in a kind of router poll i should vote no for that reason. I think here we are almost all entusiast and mature people who care about purism because they are the only company to do what they do and no one here want them fail, and if i open a poll does not mean they do it, but they could just see if there is enough interest for a product to thibk about

As i already wrote they could save money using the same laptop spec to use less resource, a desktop pc or just a mobo should be esier because there is no screen touchpad or keyboard for different languages, and they could drop the cost because of this

I don’t think that they need to make a separate motherboard. Desktops are mainly good if you have a large video card or advanced cpus to use, both of which are either hard or impossible to do when aligning with a libre philosophy, given the current hardware climate.

The state of affairs at the moment appears that librems are still not liberated, they need to support libreboot. The desktop mobo won’t have a stronger gpu or anything of such kind, so you would still be essentially running the motherboard from librems, just with much more wasted space in a huge case instead of a sleek and nice looking laptop, as they are today.

Just get a librem and connect it to a hub in order to use external display, keyboard and mouse, and you got yourself the set up of the next decade. The tower are on their way out for most applications and the ones that need them don’t care at all for free software and just run their restricted intels and proprietary nvidias without a second thought. Hopefully the industry will make a change at some point, especially given the beginning of RISC-V, but we aren’t there just yet. Can’t wait to ditch intel, unless they come clean with the whole ME fiasco, although x86 alone is reason enough to abandon the platform.

A mac mini like pc is thiner and polished to have on desktop over a closed laptop where you attach periferals
Imho if there is space for 2 laptop 13 and 15 because just 2inch do some difference should be also a desktop options, i’m more for a mac mini like form factor, but also a mobo or other kind of small formfactor is welcome

i vote yes, that’s what i’m waiting for