Barrier mouse error

I installed Barrier, when I share my screens, my mouse pointer is not picking up on Pureos, but the keyboard is working
I tried the other way around, then it is not working at all
any ideas please
I see you must pay know for Synergy

I think this is probably related to various security measures in the Wayland display protocol, which is the default on PureOS.

You can change to the older Xorg protocol by logging out, then at the login screen, clicking on the gear icon and changing to Xorg. Try again in an Xorg session and see if it works.

Great stuff
I will give it a try thanks

no it is not working

Hmm, I’m not sure then. How did you install it? Did you use the command line with apt install, or did you use the Software Center application?

apt install barrier

PureOS may have an older version of Barrier in the repos, so maybe it is something that has been fixed with updates. You could maybe try the Flatpak version, which looks to be the latest version.

If that doesn’t fix it, then I really don’t know what the issue might be.