Basm laptops opinion

It seems that their product actually exists, but it’s just a cheap third-party phone they put into a fancy box and overprice the shit out of it

This company could be running ANoM scam on their devices or just their own scam. Since my aim is for privacy, not for any criminal purposes, but I’d say those criminals deserve what they got.

What is ANoM?

On its glitzy website, the ‘ANoM’ phone looks like any new tech innovation with sleek black lines, ‘invite only’ exclusivity and a pledge to ‘enforce your right to privacy’.

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In Romanian, “basm” means “fairy-tale” and I find it to be a nice word and a bit amusing to be used for a laptop.

Just wanted to translate that. I don’t know anything about them (and I don’t care enough to check them).

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I don’t see why you would be interested in this at all, when Framework’s laptop exists.

And if it didn’t, the Librem 14 is still a more appealing option than this. (Read: if Framework didn’t exist, I would order a Librem 14)

Hello “Privacy community” . We have just one answer . Hack it :wink:
CryptoDATA salute you

Hahaha this cant be serious! Hello Cryptodata, instead of asking us to hack a device we wouldn’t ever have enough trust in to buy (And I don’t think you are willing to send a couple of devices our way so we can actually audit it), why don’t you explain why users should trust a completely proprietary OS and applications. Are you willing to publish your source code and reproducible builds?

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Hello. Yes. This week we will launch on market our encrypted chat for all devices. This year we will make everything open source.

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